Friday, October 26, 2012

Taking a moment.

It's almost November of my Junior year in college.  A little bit crazy and hard to believe.  This semester has been flying by, and has been much more challenging work load wise than either of my semesters at Master's last year.  Each week has been filled with projects, papers, presentations along with the usual array of reading and other homework.  The Lord has been continually faithful though, even in the times where I've worked as hard as I could but still haven't gotten things done on time, He has been faithful to bless me with teachers who have been gracious.  With the semester being a little more than half way over I'm taking a step back to praise the Lord for His faithfulness and to sit for a moment in my dorm room (which is quiet at the moment), and to think on His glory. 

I'm taking a moment to laugh and praise the Lord that I'm in a place where there is this paradox that when it's 70 degrees outside in October it's exciting because it's "cold" enough to be classified as fall weather.  I can wear a scarf, tights with a skirt and my wonderfully wornout dusty pink cowgirl boots. Yes, it's Fall.

I'm taking a moment to thank the Lord for the imagination, because with it I can imagine it is actually cold outside.  The air is crisp and I'm in a cozy little cottage surrounded by Aspen trees vividly changing colors.  I can look out the front window and watch as I sip chai tea curled up in a blanket with my favorite book on my lap.  It's Fall. 

I'm taking a moment to think about home and remember all the Fall memories with my brother and friends growing up.  It always, always, always, would snow on Halloween.  And I would insist on planning all my brothers birthday parties.  Fall meant it was time to start dance classes again, and knit scarves with my mom. 

I'm taking a moment to praise the Lord for my room mate this semester, and how He knew in His wisdom and sovereignty that we would be room mates this semester, and walk through things together.  What a display of His love and grace.  I'll miss her next semester when she's in Israel, but I'm so excited for her!

In the midst of this semester where it's so busy it seems like each week just flies by I don't want to miss all the displays of God's goodness, greatness and glory all around me.  He's working even when I don't see it.  I'm often so blind and need to take a step back, to look, to taste and see that the Lord is good.  So even though this next week is crazy for me with midterms, projects, presents, oh and normal homework all due there is always a moment to stop, to see the Lord's glory, and to praise

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